Jill and Jesse | Corvallis Engagement Photos

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Mary and Darrick | Corvallis Engagement Photos

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Catlin and Maddie | Corvallis Senior Pictures

Catlin and Maddie decided to get their senior pictures done together at Bald Hill in Corvallis! And they brought a horse. Just for fun.

For the record, horses are much more challenging to shoot than dogs/cats/bunnies. But also awesome. And super pretty.

My Closet’s Your Closet | Corvallis Fashion and Couples Photography

The concept is simple really.

A stylish wardrobe that you and your significant other can share. Regardless of your gender.

It’s another brilliantly designed collection brought to you by Charlie Rose Hormann.


  • Photography: Katy Weaver
  • Hair/Makeup: done by the models and Charlie Rose Hormann
  • Clothing/Creative Director: Charlie Rose Hormann
  • Models: Meghan Vandewettering, Tasha Livingstone, Jamie Cheung, Van Wong, Teal Pershing, and Zeo Cui
  • Location: Bald Hill Nature Area, Corvallis, Oregon

Nick and Liz | Corvallis Engagement Photography

Nick and Liz met while playing World of Warcraft. He’s a middle school science teacher in Chicago. She’s a PhD student in Radiation Health Physics at OSU in Corvallis. Together, they make one heck of an awesome, unique, brilliant couple.