The Ihdes | Portland Family Pictures

I absolutely love getting to work with this family every year and see how the boys have grown! This year we went to the Jenkins Estate and had an awesome time goofing off around the property. Ryan and Jeannie are actually my accountants as well, so if you happen to need someone, they are amazing at what they do!


Emma | Portland Senior Portraits

Emma is another gorgeous senior at Beaverton High School who is also a cheerleader. We met up a few weeks ago but ran into some trouble starting our shoot! We had originally planned to shoot at the beautiful Rose Garden and then Hoyt Arboretum, but there was a huge event going on! The entire area surrounding the Rose Garden and Washington Park was a total madhouse, so we decided to head up to Hoyt first and then had to think up a second location on the fly. Emma and her family were totally okay with this and I was so happy that we were able to be flexible. Our second location ended up being this tiny road off of NW Miller, where we shot in a field as the sun was setting, and three deer ending up coming right up to us to see what we were doing! It was totally magical. Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect it!