J | Portland Boudoir Photography

I love it when my former brides come back to shoot boudoir as an anniversary gift. This beautiful lady did just that and it was an absolute blast catching up! Most people opt to keep their boudoir photos completely private (and that’s totally fine with me!) but she told me that she was totally okay with me sharing these! Yay! It’s so rare that I get to post sessions like this! Continue reading

Miss B | Portland Boudoir Photography

I took some pretty photos of this lovely bride a few weeks before I went to Belize! I’m so excited to share. I got an email from her afterward telling me how much the photos helped her body confidence and self-image and it made my day. That’s why this sort of thing is powerful. Not because it’s pretty and sexy. Because it is confidence inspiring.

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N, C and J | Portland Boudoir Photography

I’m excited to announce that I am now offering classy, awesome boudoir sessions to my brides!

These are few fun shots from a shoot I did a few weeks back with three wonderful ladies. A HUGE thank you to Jackie Griffith and Danielle Gomez for doing the hair and makeup!

(These are probably NSFW, just a heads up! No explicit nudity, but they are pretty sexy…)

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