Unique Portland Senior Photos

Unique Portland Senior Photos

Nothing makes me happier than taking unique Portland senior photos for amazing people. This was one of those sessions that totally blew me away, it was so fun! Madi and her mom are both passionate about photography and they were drawn to my non-traditional and unique Portland senior photos and portraits! They really wanted to take photos that embraced Madi’s personality while standing out from the sea of “normal” senior pictures out there.

Madi is super athletic and she’s actually a pole-vaulter! She’s also done sprinting and gymnastics over the years. Madi loves the outdoors and her family is big on camping and visiting national parks. She wanted to take her unique Portland senior photos in stunning natural places, as well a few downtown in an urban spot. So we started the shoot at this sick parking garage downtown, and then head out to the gorge after! We stopped at the Women’s Forum, Crown Point and Latourell Falls to get her a variety of awesome shots. It was smoky that day from wildfires, but it didn’t stop us from getting some epic and moody pictures.

It was fun to work with Madi and her mom because both of them are so passionate about photography. Her mom actually owns the same model of camera that I do, and is an avid sports, family, and landscape photographer. Madi has also taken photography classes in high school and has an awesome creative eye when it comes to black and white film! It’s always a little nerve-wracking working with people who also do photography, but Madi and her mom were so fun to be around, and grateful for my work that it wasn’t even and issue. Her mom and I were talking shop about cameras and editing the entire drive home afterward! So awesome.

Madi’s mom Chris said it best in her own words:

“I truly appreciate the time you gave us in driving to both the garage and through the Gorge. I was really impressed with time you gave Madison, the travel to such beautiful locations, and your quick turn around! LOVED the experience you gave Madison! She is THRILLED with how they turned out. It was a magical experience being in locations that I love the most about Oregon. Vista House is one of my favorite landmarks and the Latourell Falls were gorgeous too. I think your photos told a story too as we ventured down the path and I like how you got Madi to put her hair down and let it flow! Thanks again for your prompt delivery and editing. We will thoroughly enjoy the photos for so many years…such beautiful keepsakes.”

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