Romantic engagement photos on Mt. Hood on top of Tom, Dick and Harry mountain, a 6-mile hike near Mt. Hood. Photos by Katy Weaver Photography

Mt. Hood Engagement Photos on Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain

Mt. Hood Engagement Photos on Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain

It was so incredible to take these Mt. Hood engagement photos on Tom, Dick and Harry mountain this spring. The hike is pretty intense (6 miles roundtrip), but besides kicking my ass it’s an incredible view and working with this couple was so fun!

I took these photos as a part of my friend Robert J. Hills weeklong mentorship workshop this spring. I really wanted to step up my business game this year so I signed up for Robert’s year-long mentorship program in 2018, which peaks with this week-long workshop called Roadtrip based on Mt. Hood. It was an incredible experience. It left me feeling refreshed and vulnerable at the same time, but in a good way. Robert isn’t a surface-level kinda guy. His mentorship goes deep and I learned more about myself than I ever thought I would. Sometimes I joke that he’s more my therapist than my mentor. But seriously, it’s been amazing and I have learn and grown more over the past 7 months than I have in awhile.

The Photoshoot

We hiked to Mirror Lake during this shoot, made a campfire, grilled some hot dogs and rested and then summited Tom, Dick and Harry mountain at sunset. The day started out bright and clear, but as we climbed higher the clouds rolled in and we summited with a totally obscured Mt. Hood. Major bummer. However, Oregon rewarded us with an unbelievably epic sunset and gorgeous fog, so we couldn’t complain.

Jessie and Chad are an incredible couple who have been through a LOT together. They have two beautiful children and Jessie is actually a talented wedding photographer as well! She lives in Vancouver, Washington and we’ve known each other on Facebook for awhile so it was a treat to meet and photograph her in real life. Because they have two young boys, Jessie and Chad don’t get that much time alone together, so this week was really special for them.

Taking these Mt. Hood engagement photos on Tom, Dick and Harry mountain was a truly unique experience. I’ll never forget the beauty of the sunset, the sweet words they shared with each other, or the playful vibe that echoed amongst fellow photographers behind the scenes. It was a blast and I am so excited to share it with you!

11 thoughts on “Mt. Hood Engagement Photos on Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain

  1. Mt Hood looks amazing to do engagement photos! I can’t wait to visit there one day <3 Beautiful photography!

  2. Oh my gosh. The mood in this is incredible! Draws me right in. Killing those Oregon adventure vibes.

  3. What a gorgeous dress! Do you coach your couples much on outfits? Wonderful job capturing the dramatic lighting up there on Mt Hood.

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