Anniversary Photos in the Columbia River Gorge

Anniversary Photos in the Columbia River Gorge

I absolutely LOVE getting to take anniversary photos in the Columbia River Gorge! It is such a beautiful place to celebrate your relationship together! Jessica and Conlin have been married for about 5.5 years and they are about to move across the country to Michigan. She’s starting a PhD program out there and is REALLY going to miss the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I don’t blame her!

We took these anniversary photos in the Columbia River Gorge at Steep Creek Falls and Beacon Rock. They really wanted lush, forested, PNW-vibes and Steep Creek Falls is a perfect spot for that! It’s one of my favorite locations and I love how you can wander all around the waterfall and even go behind it in the summer. The ferns are amazing too! It’s a really nice and shady location that is always several degrees cooler than everywhere else around it.

We raced from Steep Creek Falls to Beacon Rock as the sun was setting. It was lovely to catch the last light of the day along the peaceful Columbia River. Beacon Rock is such an awesome iconic spot in the gorge and I love how dramatic it looks in photos!

Their story

Jessica and Conlin grew up together in Philomath, Oregon. They met in 4th grade in choir class! Conlin is actually a twin, and the choir teacher decided to put Jessica in between the twins to keep them from fighting during class. It obviously worked out. How funny is that?!

Choir has continued to be an important part of their lives from the very beginning. I actually met them through mutual friends who sang with them in the choirs at Oregon State. And Jessica is just finishing up a job as a choir teacher in Beaverton before she moves to Michigan to work in higher education. I love how music and singing has played such a huge role in their lives!

A lot of people think of their wedding photos as the end-all-be-all of couples photos and they don’t take any formal pictures together in the years following. But marriage is powerful and it deserves to be celebrated, especially as years pass and relationships grow even stronger! I love doing photoshoots like this and getting to take anniversary photos in the Columbia River Gorge is such a treat. It was wonderful to work with these two!

4 thoughts on “Anniversary Photos in the Columbia River Gorge

  1. These are so cute! I love when couples decide to do anniversary photos and the Columbia River Gorge is the perfect place. I’m sure they’ll cherish these, especially after moving so far away.

  2. These two have such a sweet connection! All your photos are making me so excited to start shooting in Oregon. Beautiful work as always Katy.

  3. Beautiful work as always, Katie! I might have to end up stealing this location idea in the Columbia River Gorge some day for an engagement session or anniversary, ha ha!

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