7 thoughts on “Guatemala Couples Photos

  1. Love love love these tropical vibes! I’d never thought about visiting Guatemala but these photos gave me a new location to add to my bucket list. I adore all of your destination photography posts!

  2. I absolutely love all these photos! Such an adventurous and world traveling couple – the rain forest is a perfect backdrop. There is so much raw, honest emotion in these images. You did such a great job. I would definitely bring you along on my travels to do an engagement session!

  3. I adore this Guatemalan session! The tropical vibes are so great and I love how they’re darker than the typical so-cal or southern Florida BRIGHT tropical vibes we often see. EXCELLENT!

  4. These two met while traveling the world? How romantic! A tropical couples session is such a rarity – and in Guatemala. This is so stunning!

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