Oneonta Gorge Engagement | Brenden and Katlyn

Oneonta Gorge Engagement_0719.jpg

Brenden and Katlyn told me that they wanted to do Oneonta Gorge engagement photos, and I was SO DOWN. I’ve shot here before, but I’ve never hiked all the way to the waterfall, and these two were the absolute perfect couple to do it with! Katlyn scurried over the logjam in sandals and a maxi dress in under a minute while I watched in disbelief. They had no problem getting waist deep in cold water at 8am and splashing each other like crazy. These two are adventurers at heart. Oregonians to the core. Wild and beautiful and so so in love. My kinda people.

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Oneonta Gorge Engagement_0703.jpg
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Oneonta Gorge Engagement_0736.jpgOneonta Gorge Engagement_0741.jpg
Oneonta Gorge Engagement_0718.jpgOneonta Gorge Engagement_0725.jpgOneonta Gorge Engagement_0721.jpg
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  1. These are stunning! It looks like they had fun with this sessions and so did you. Absolutely beautiful and so nice to see photos of the Columbia River Gorge before the fire.

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