Smith Rock Proposal | Yvette and Devon

I was sitting in plain sight on a picnic blanket with my roommate and her dog, camera hidden under my jacket, as Devon led Yvette out to an overlook at Smith Rock. She had NO IDEA that a few seconds later he would get down on one knee and ask her to be his wife! She was SO surprised and the two of them were so happy, it was awesome! We spent the next few hours wandering around Smith Rock taking their engagement photos as they basked in the reality of their future together. The sun came out through the clouds and smoke and it ended up being a perfect evening!

I absolutely ADORE proposals. The rawness of the emotion, the beauty of the place you are in together, the surprise, all of it! If you are planning on popping the question, get in touch!! I would love to be the one to document it for you!

Bend Engagement Photographer_0638.jpg
Bend Engagement Photographer_0639.jpg
Bend Engagement Photographer_0640.jpg
Bend Engagement Photographer_0642.jpg
Bend Engagement Photographer_0644.jpg
Bend Engagement Photographer_0645.jpg
Bend Engagement Photographer_0646.jpg
Bend Engagement Photographer_0648.jpg
Bend Engagement Photographer_0651.jpg
Bend Engagement Photographer_0650.jpg
Bend Engagement Photographer_0649.jpg


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