Cotswolds Wedding Photographer | Tom and Steph

Being a Cotswolds wedding photographer for a weekend was basically a dream come true.

The rolling green hills, the adorable sheep, the rock walls, the old buildings; it felt like something straight out of Pride and Prejudice. I could hardly believe it was all real.

But it was.

Tom and Steph are remarkable. They met in a bar of all places, but have traveled the world together since. I met them while we were all in New Zealand back in 2013 (I took these photos of them wayyy back then). And then Tom proposed a few years later on a private boat in Sorrento as they sailed around the Amalfi coast. They have been almost everywhere together and they make SUCH a good team. It was so clear to see on Tom’s face as he saw her for the first time as she walked down the aisle toward him. This was his woman.

I don’t know if all English weddings are this way, but something I loved about this day was that it was LONG! The ceremony was at 2pm and the party raged all the way til midnight, so they got to have a full 10 hours with all their guests! They had appetizers, a three course dinner and even late night munchies with fries, pizza, and a huge cheese board (because their wedding cake was actually cheese rounds! WHAT!). It was SO fun and I loved how much time they got with their friends and family. I wish more people let their days go on this long too!

I could say a million things about how much I love these two and how grateful I am that they flew me across the world to document their day, but I’d rather show you instead.

Congratulations Tom and Steph!!


Photography: Katy Weaver

Venue: Kingscote Barn

Makeup Artist: Clare Bryce

Hair Stylist: Chris Fordham

Florist: Becci Hobbs of Bijoux Floral

Caterer: McBaile

DJ/Live Band: Wildcards

Dress, Headpiece and Veil: Clifton Brides

Cake: Cheeseworks Cheltenham

Calligraphy/Invitations: Helen at

Coordination: Laura Richards with Kingscote Barn


9 thoughts on “Cotswolds Wedding Photographer | Tom and Steph

  1. If you were to look in the disctionary under “magical AF” this wedding would be there! The clouds, the church, the dress!! Total perfection!

  2. I have never seen such an amazing set of wedding photos , well done to you , you captured it beautifully.

  3. What an amazing wedding day! I love their details and that venue is just perfection. Your story telling in photographs is lovely. Really well done!

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