London in Black and White

London Travel Photography

I’ve never done a blog post in all black and white before. If you know me and follow my work, you’ve probably noticed that I don’t share that many black and white images, period. It’s funny, because I tend SO strongly toward color in my photography, yet my personal preferences in style, decor, and art usually lean SO much toward a simple black and white aesthetic. It’s enough to the point that my roommate makes fun of me and points out that sometimes I need more color in my life. So there’s this huge dichotomy between the art I share and the art I purchase and want in my own home.

Anyway, I was in England for 11 days at the end of July. I photographed a wedding while I was there (cannot wait to share that!!) and I brought my mom with me for company. We spent most of our trip in Wales and in the countryside, then finished with a day and a half in London before we flew home. This was my second time in the city, and honestly, the first time I didn’t love it much so I was sort of dreading going back. But this time was different. I started to see the appeal, the beauty, the little complexities of the place.

We went for a long walk one afternoon as the sun was peering through the clouds and bouncing through the streets. I was so incredibly inspired. Certain types of light just resonate with me. I was so happy with these images that I decided to share them before anything else. I feel like they are SO different from my normal work, but not in bad way. Dark and strong and bold and geometric. All things I love. I hope you enjoy them too!

London Travel Photography
London Travel Photography
London Travel Photography


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