White Sands Engagement Photos | Jessica and Andrew

It was hot.

It was sandy.

And it was crazy bright.

It was the perfect challenge.

I took these New Mexico engagement photos while wearing sunglasses. I felt like I was shooting completely blind because I couldn’t see my LCD screen at all. I shot these with a lens I rarely use for portraits. I shot them at a much smaller aperture than I usually use. I shot them at exactly high noon, something I NEVER do unless I have to. Basically, I did the exact opposite of everything I normally do, and you know what? The shots still came out awesome.

Jessica and Andrew hosted me in El Paso for one night while I was road-tripping across Texas in May (you can see landscape shots from my trip here!).I had never met them before, but Jessica is an amazing photographer herself (seriously, go check out her site! https://sparrowandgold.com/ ) and we connected through an awesome Facebook group. They were such incredible hosts and I was thrilled when they were down to take a short trip out to White Sands New Mexico the next morning! We originally planned on being there at sunrise, but margaritas and a need for sleep stopped that. So we arrived at noon and I got to experience one of the most challenging, but simultaneously rewarding sessions that I have ever done.

These two are so playful, kind, and perfect together. There was so much laughter and sweetness between them and it was so easy to just hang out at White Sands and document them being their normal selves. I cannot thank them enough for hosting me and for taking me out there! I can’t wait to go back again someday!

New Mexico Wedding Photographer_0418New Mexico Wedding Photographer_0419


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