Chicago Travel Photos

Chicago Portrait Photographer_0128.jpg

Last year I took a super quick trip to Chicago with three of my best photographer friends. We stayed downtown and had a BLAST in a cute little hotel room, eating cookies, swapping stories, getting tipsy, and exploring the city. I didn’t take that many photos during the trip (we were too busy goofing off) but I did snag some fun shots inside the Lincoln Park Conservatory, at the Bean, and on a rooftop. And I thought they were worth blogging!

The three girls I went with are all crazy talented and if you get a chance, totally check out their work. They mean so much to me.

April – (PS she designed my website! Badass huh?!)

Hilde –

Jen –

Chicago Portrait Photographer_0106.jpgChicago Portrait Photographer_0108.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0107.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0100.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0104.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0114.jpgChicago Portrait Photographer_0112.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0101.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0105.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0115.jpgChicago Portrait Photographer_0113.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0103.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0111.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0109.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0110.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0118.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0119.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0116.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0117.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0124.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0123.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0121.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0127.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0129.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0128.jpg
Chicago Portrait Photographer_0130.jpg

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