Kim and Jesse | Horseshoe Bend Couples Photos

Oh my gosh, photos of this place do NOT do it justice. It is insane. I feel SO lucky that I got to see it in person a few weeks ago while on an epic roadtrip through the southwest! And what was even better was getting to meet up with Kim Butler of Kim Butler Photographyย and do a shoot with her and her husband! Plus, she took a few shots of me and my new boyfriend as well, which was such a treat! It was a little chilly and super windy but that didn’t stop us from staying til dusk and enjoying every moment of daylight here. Arizona is one heck of a place and I cannot wait to go back.


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  1. Horseshoe Bend seems like a wonderful location, it’s awesome that you fully took advantage of it! I particularly love the wide shot where we can see how great the landscape is.

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