Kelsey and Derrick | In Home Portraits


I stayed with Derrick and Kelsey in their new home in North Carolina last month (still need to blog the rest of the amazingness from that trip!) and I figured it was the perfect opportunity to do an in-home session! They just moved into their house a few months ago and its already such a special place for the two of them. They’ve been married for YEARS and haven’t really done photos together since their wedding, so I loved getting to take┬ásome intimate couple photos of them giggling and being their goofy, adorable selves! Thank you so much for hosting me guys! You are beautiful together!

kelsey-0602kelsey-0797kelsey-0777kelsey-0734kelsey-0694kelsey-0730kelsey-0653 kelsey-0793kelsey-0692kelsey-0663kelsey-0789kelsey-0641

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