Whitney and Greg | Mt. Hood Couples Photos


We drove up to her families cabin on Mt. Hood while talking about mountain climbing, traveling and adventures the whole way there. Once we arrived, we were greeted by the most perfectly lush, green, moody forest along a quiet river. It was like Pacific Northwest paradise. We laughed, played with their sweet pup, got our toes wet, got a little bit chilly, and had the best time. These are the kind of photoshoots I dream of.

whitneygreg-0075whitneygreg-0177whitneygreg-0069whitneygreg-0566whitneygreg-0519whitneygreg-0569whitneygreg-0530whitneygreg-0203 whitneygreg-0211 whitneygreg-0217whitneygreg-0263 whitneygreg-0274whitneygreg-0223 whitneygreg-0291 whitneygreg-0304whitneygreg-0307whitneygreg-0326whitneygreg-0343whitneygreg-0330 whitneygreg-0373whitneygreg-0416 whitneygreg-0397whitneygreg-0422whitneygreg-0431whitneygreg-0407whitneygreg-0464whitneygreg-0476

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