Noah and Nicole | Oregon Engagement Photos


Columbia river engagement photos are my favorite.

Mount Hood engagement photos are ALSO my favorite.

Getting to do both in one day was a tad crazy, but this adventurous couple was totally up for it! We drove up the mountain to Lost Lake and rented an adorable rowboat, goofing off with their sweet little pup while trying not to fall overboard into the water. Then we set off toward the gorge as we raced the sunset, stopping briefly in a clearing surrounded by mountains and sunshine, and finally ended up at Viento State Park as a moody dusk light was setting in. It was windy and perfect, so we did what anyone else would obviously do – pop a bottle of champagne!

I had such a blast with these two and I loved how fun and silly they were together! I absolutely cannot wait to take their wedding photos down in California next year! Congrats on your engagement you two!

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4 thoughts on “Noah and Nicole | Oregon Engagement Photos

  1. Gosh those TONES. & the location. Girl you totally slayed, Everything about this shoot is wonderful! I love the depth in the shadows, and I seriously can’t get over the passage of time that happens during this shoot from the warmth of the sunshine to the dusky hues of evening light. You’ve got the good stuff right there!

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