Emily and Aimee | Portland Couples Photos


These two Oregon girls just moved to the East Coast, but they wanted to celebrate their love for each other and their home with a little photoshoot before they left! We met up in Forest Park and had a blast goofing off and hiking around some of my favorite trails! You girls are the cutest!

EmilyAimee-8235 EmilyAimee-8249 EmilyAimee-8289 EmilyAimee-8305EmilyAimee-8600EmilyAimee-8332 EmilyAimee-8320EmilyAimee-8366 EmilyAimee-8367 EmilyAimee-8422-2 EmilyAimee-8464EmilyAimee-8524EmilyAimee-8528EmilyAimee-8554 EmilyAimee-8558-2EmilyAimee-8631 EmilyAimee-8651

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