Lauren and Andrew | Columbia Gorge Proposal


It started like any other couples shoot. We took off on an adventure to the Columbia River Gorge with happy hearts and took a bunch of photos at a gorgeous waterfall. From there we chased the sunset all the way out to Rowena Crest near The Dalles. Everything was bathed in gold as the sun went down and I was squealing with delight because the lighting was absolutely perfect. Just as the sun started to dip below the horizon, Andrew got down on one knee. I was admittedly confused – he had told me NOTHING about this. I thought maybe it was a joke at first, but Lauren burst into tears and there he was with the most stunning ring in his hands – the exact one she had wanted for so long. He was standing in the perfect place at the perfect time and the entire moment was absolutely breathtaking to witness! After a great deal of tears we continued to wander around, soaking in the last bits of daylight and reveling in the beauty of the evening and all that had happened. It was so special and so epic!! Congratulations Lauren and Andrew!

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