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They met in China, both studying for their GED exams so that they could move to America. They fell in love, passed their class, and were able to move – but there was a catch. They ended up in totally different states. They did long-distance while in college for several years, and then FINALLY, finalllllly, they both moved to California and got to be together at last.

Cathy and Yi found my work online and flew me to San Francisco to photograph their engagement photos. What I didn’t realize was that in Chinese tradition, people take pictures in their wedding attire BEFORE the wedding, and then display those portraits at the wedding itself (they are getting married back home in China). So what I thought was just an engagement session felt a whole lot more like a wedding portrait session or elopement! I was SO thrilled. Cathy looked like a vision and the honest love between her and Yi was incredibly sweet to witness. They were so kind to me (they showed up to the shoot with 3 bags of my favorite type of candy!) and made me feel like the most special photographer in the world, even though I was fighting a pretty nasty cold that day.

Cathy and Yi, thank you for your generosity and your adventurous spirits! I will never forget this amazing day with you!

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2 thoughts on “Cathy and Yi | San Francisco Wedding Photographer

  1. Great photos of the city!! The pics of the San Francisco city hall look great but man, that parking situation over there is a mess.. my brother was married there and it was a hassle parking.

  2. Wow! These shots are so beautiful. I didn’t know that as per Chinese tradition, photos are taken of the couple in their wedding attire prior to their wedding. This is a very nice shoot. I love the pictures.

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