Tomissa and Dave | Wisconsin Couples Photos


This day was full of adventure. Climbing. Falling down. Laughing. Feeling a very real fear of heights. Hugging. Nuzzling. Giggling.

Devil’s Lake State Park is beautiful, and the cliffs above it aren’t for the faint of heart. Climbing up here at sunset was both awesome and scary, but Tomissa and Dave were champs and made it so much fun! It was awesome to work with you two lovebirds!

TomissaDave-0026 TomissaDave-0018 TomissaDave-0002 TomissaDave-0068 TomissaDave-0077 TomissaDave-0070 TomissaDave-0079 TomissaDave-0076TomissaDave-0088 TomissaDave-0143 TomissaDave-0134 TomissaDave-0219 TomissaDave-0232 TomissaDave-0161 TomissaDave-0167 TomissaDave-0203 TomissaDave-0197TomissaDave-0152TomissaDave-0108TomissaDave-0184 TomissaDave-0196TomissaDave-0246 TomissaDave-0260

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