April and Cole | Wisconsin Couples Photos


Man am I excited to blog these! I photographed the talented April of Gray House Creative and April Violet (she’s currently doing my re-brand! Cannot wait to share!) and her husband last month while I was in Wisconsin. It was a cool windy evening, and we adventured up to Gibraltar Rock as the sun set, freezing our butts off and making all sorts of dark and moody imagery that made my heart happy. April and Cole have been married for a while now and don’t have very many photos together, (which is crazy because they are like the most attractive couple ever), so I was thrilled to document a little snippet of the love they share in their home state!

AprilCole-0205AprilCole-0330AprilCole-0569 AprilCole-0187AprilCole-0287AprilCole-0170AprilCole-0186AprilCole-0227AprilCole-0238AprilCole-0182AprilCole-0296AprilCole-0556AprilCole-0467AprilCole-0389AprilCole-0413AprilCole-0460AprilCole-0450AprilCole-0452AprilCole-0590AprilCole-0222AprilCole-0280AprilCole-0391AprilCole-0419AprilCole-0479AprilCole-0591AprilCole-0406AprilCole-0430AprilCole-0398AprilCole-0211AprilCole-0504AprilCole-0557AprilCole-0532AprilCole-0306AprilCole-0573AprilCole-0564AprilCole-0007AprilCole-0566AprilCole-0588AprilCole-0541AprilCole-0283AprilCole-0019AprilCole-0013

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