Haley and Layne | Denver Couples Photos


I’m just going to say it: Haley and Layne are way cooler than me. I watched and listened to them interact – their quiet conversations full of dry humor, witty sarcasm, references I didn’t understand and words that I had never heard of. They are brilliant. I spent one night with them while I was in Denver last month and their apartment was filled to the brim with books and art and vinyl. I sort of hoped some of it would rub off on me. I love how imaginative they are. She’s a copy editor/photographer and he is a copy-editor/writer. When we climbed up to this rooftop after sunrise, I felt like I was on top of an abandoned world with two superheroes – perhaps the last two people alive in a city of ruins below. Their calm energy, confidence and love for one another was tangible amongst the gritty background. Everything else melted away for an hour and it was just the two of them. Here. On Earth. Together.

Thank you Haley and Layne, for hosting me and introducing me to this beautiful city that I have never explored.  You guys are amazing.



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