Megan and Matt | Columbia Gorge Couples Photos


Oh man, these two. They are so awesome. I took their engagement and wedding photos a few years ago, and when I needed a couple to shoot with while my good friends April Zelenka and Jen Dederich were in town, they were the perfect fit for an adventure session with all three of us in the gorge! I love that they have been married for a few years but have just as much tangible love and joy-filled interactions as they did when I first took their engagement photos, if not more!

MeganMatt-7496MeganMatt-7329 MeganMatt-7368MeganMatt-7337 MeganMatt-7392MeganMatt-7355MeganMatt-7412MeganMatt-7417 MeganMatt-7435 MeganMatt-7455MeganMatt-7449MeganMatt-7482MeganMatt-7525MeganMatt-7507MeganMatt-7581 MeganMatt-7598MeganMatt-7568 MeganMatt-7644MeganMatt-7773MeganMatt-7664MeganMatt-7720MeganMatt-7685MeganMatt-7737MeganMatt-7702MeganMatt-7780MeganMatt-7777 MeganMatt-7724MeganMatt-7769MeganMatt-7748MeganMatt-7714MeganMatt-7799MeganMatt-7815 MeganMatt-7806MeganMatt-7836MeganMatt-7830MeganMatt-7813MeganMatt-7873MeganMatt-7853MeganMatt-7892MeganMatt-7904 MeganMatt-7901MeganMatt-7926MeganMatt-7912MeganMatt-7922MeganMatt-7935MeganMatt-7946

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