Alexandra, Karina and Briana | San Francisco Portrait Photographer


About a month ago a friend invited me to an Instameet at Mt. Davidson while I was in San Francisco. I had never been up there before, and I love getting to know new people, so I said yes! While mingling, eating donuts and wandering around the park, I met these three gorgeous, unique women and I had a blast photographing each of them just for fun! I’ve really been pushing myself to shoot in all types of light at all times of day lately, seeking inspiration from direct light, wind, and movement. These are a little something different, but I loved how they turned out!

Briana-0230Briana-0252Briana-0184Karina-0402Sasha-0325Briana-0265Karina-0385Karina-0424Sasha-0319Briana-0188Karina-0423Sasha-0337Briana-0206Briana-0225Karina-0403Karina-0410Sasha-0299Karina-0396Briana-0246Karina-0399Sasha-0356Briana-0253Karina-0378Karina-0419Briana-0202Sasha-0332Briana-0218Karina-0393Sasha-0329Briana-0248Briana-0249Karina-0374Karina-0376Karina-0417Sasha-0310 Briana-0233Briana-0247Sasha-0335Karina-0421Briana-0258Briana-0262Karina-0383Karina-0389Sasha-0350Karina-0400

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