Megan and Guy | Mt. Adams Engagement Photos


Megan and Guy are like every photographer’s dream couple to photograph: gorgeous, happy, tattooed, adventurous and totally in love. Megan is a talented photographer herself and probably one of the sweetest, nicest people I’ve ever met in my entire life. I was so thrilled when these two got engaged!

For funsies, my boyfriend and I spent a day adventuring with them around Mt. Adams – playing in snow, drinking wine next to a lake, and having a total blast. I don’t normally shoot engagement photos at midday, but I loved how these came out despite the noon sunlight! I think that sometimes creating pictures and making memories without the pressure of a schedule or itinerary can be totally liberating and thats when the best magic happens!

If you like these pictures and want to know more about Megan and Guy, they also have a sweet blog together if you want to go check that out!

Congratulations you two!


MeganGuyEngaged-6208MeganGuyEngaged-5800MeganGuyEngaged-5816MeganGuyEngaged-5845MeganGuyEngaged-6118MeganGuyEngaged-6213 MeganGuyEngaged-5729MeganGuyEngaged-5970 MeganGuyEngaged-5954MeganGuyEngaged-6243MeganGuyEngaged-6124MeganGuyEngaged-6069MeganGuyEngaged-5914MeganGuyEngaged-5945MeganGuyEngaged-5880MeganGuyEngaged-6014MeganGuyEngaged-6002MeganGuyEngaged-6198 MeganGuyEngaged-5955MeganGuyEngaged-6109MeganGuyEngaged-6009MeganGuyEngaged-6095MeganGuyEngaged-5862MeganGuyEngaged-6222MeganGuyEngaged-6232MeganGuyEngaged-6263MeganGuyEngaged-6077MeganGuyEngaged-5738MeganGuyEngaged-6237

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