Jill and Jesse | Corvallis Engagement Photos


When Jill told me she preferred cloudy weather for photos, I knew I was going to like her. We crossed our fingers for a moody day and instead we got a pure blue sky without a cloud in sight. Typical Oregon, never giving you quite what you want. It didn’t stop us from having a damn good time though. Jill and Jesse took me up to one of their favorite hiking spots in Corvallis and we danced in slivers of light, watched the sun drop below the mountains, drank delicious Ninkasi beer (Jesse is a brewer there!) and explored until it was so dark we needed flashlights to hike down. It was the perfect evening with the perfect people and I couldn’t be more excited to photograph their badass wedding later this summer! You two are so awesome!

JillJesse-4400JillJesse-4314JillJesse-4353JillJesseEXTRA-4344 JillJesse-4325JillJesse-4357JillJesseEXTRA-4326JillJesseEXTRA-4429 JillJesseEXTRA-4374 JillJesseEXTRA-4385 JillJesseEXTRA-4359JillJesseEXTRA-4412JillJesse-4435JillJesseEXTRA-4474 JillJesseEXTRA-4507JillJesse-4494JillJesseEXTRA-4612


JillJesse-4580 JillJesse-4590

JillJesseEXTRA-4603JillJesse-4617JillJesse-4643 JillJesse-4651

JillJesse-4638 JillJesse-4656 JillJesse-4676 JillJesseEXTRA-4678JillJesse-4708 JillJesseEXTRA-4711 JillJesse-4686JillJesseEXTRA-4730

JillJesseEXTRA-4748 JillJesseEXTRA-4735JillJesseEXTRA-4771 JillJesseEXTRA-4775 JillJesseEXTRA-4790 JillJesse-4816 JillJesseEXTRA-4792 JillJesseEXTRA-4804 JillJesseEXTRA-4832JillJesse-4853 JillJesse-4881 JillJesse-4858JillJesse-4904JillJesseEXTRA-4895


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