Guada and Brian | Big Sur Couples Photos

GuadaBrian-6669.jpg“Dare greatly.”

These are words that many have spoken, (and many have heard before), but the phrase itself only entered my lexicon last week. A talented young photographer from South Africa (Wednesday and October) shared the phrase with me while we were deep in the back country of California with two other photographers from Wisconsin, roadtripping together as friends and strangers. It was quite the adventure and I have about a thousand photos and anecdotes to share from the trip, but that’s getting ahead of myself. That’s for a different blog post.

This post is about Guada and Brian.

This post is about walking up to strangers on the beach and taking their photos just because they look beautiful together and you’re in Big Sur and the weight of the world just feels a little lighter that day.

This is about learning to take chances. Turning risks into opportunities. Making strangers into friends.

I’m making some changes in 2016. I’m shooting more for myself. I’m going to share more of my heart. I’m going to push myself to get the rawness that I crave from my imagery – that in-the-moment-je-ne-sais-quoi-feeling that I want more than anything in the world to document.

I’ve got a new website in the works. I’ve got some travel plans on the books. I’m excited and terrified and ready to make some amazing stuff happen.

Dare greatly my friends. Dare greatly.


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