Audrey and Joe | Minneapolis Couples Photos

Minneapolis-6943.jpg“They say nothing lasts forever …dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.”

Yes, I am starting this post with a quote from Sex and the City. Not even sorry.

You see, my best friend moved halfway across the country this summer, and gosh darn it’s been hard. I miss her. I miss her sweet husband. I miss seeing her every week and complaining about life and laying around eating popcorn and popsicles and not caring what we look like. The normal stuff. This Wednesday is her birthday and I wont get to see her for the first time in years. It’s heartbreaking.

HOWEVER, I did get to visit her last month. Yes. My other best friend Michelle and I flew to Minneapolis on a perfect fall weekend in October and had ourselves a great time. It was so incredible to be reunited with my two college besties, to go wedding dress shopping together, to bake cookies, have brunch, watch mean girls, drink wine, do all the stuff we want to do all the time but can now only do every several months. It was marvelous. On the Sunday of our visit we went to Minnehaha Falls together with their new puppy Emma and I took photos of Audrey and Joe to celebrate this strange year of their lives in a new city (Audrey is doing a dental residency program there). Of course it was like 85 degrees and a weekend so I think that every other person/photographer in Minneapolis had the same idea that day, but the hectic chaos of the location didn’t prevent us from having fun anyway. If anything it made it more memorable.

Audrey and Joe, I love you guys forever. Also I want to steal your puppy. The end.

We also had Joe snap a few shots of the three of us girls. Just cause. 🙂

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