Michelle and Audrey | Oregon Coast Portraits

CabinTrip-6761.jpgBack in October I took two days off and went to my best friend Audrey’s cabin for a girls weekend. It was one of the last warm days of the year before fall and winter took hold of things, and it was glorious. Just for fun we drove out to Seal Rock and took some pictures while I taught Michelle and Audrey a few things about photography. Michelle recently got her own DSLR and takes beautiful pictures of desserts on her food blog (MoreChocolate.net), and Audrey is learning how to take photos for her dental career because it is sometimes useful to photograph patients teeth. We all goofed off and swapped cameras around, played in the sunshine and had a lovely time in the bright, misty light. I used to live with these two back in college and they were there by my side when I was just starting my business over five years ago. I’m still so incredibly grateful for their friendship and love in my life and I feel totally guilty for taking four months to blog these photos! Better late than never!

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