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Here’s a few things about me that you should know:

I love earrings. I love birds.

So, with any logic it’s only natural that I would also love feather earrings. Right? Right.

I do. So much. I have many many many pairs.  I’m a wee bit obsessed. But hey, that’s okay!

Because… I have a friend who runs her own business making feather earrings! Veryyy convenient for my obsession. Her name is Nina Lee and her business is called Simply Feathers. She hand-makes the most beautifully stunning adorable feather earrings I’ve ever seen. I would know because I consider myself a bit of a feather connoisseur  (not to brag, but you know, I kind of am). So when she asked me to do a product/fashion shoot for the launch of her new website, I basically jumped for joy. Feathers? Cute product display? Awesome models? Nina’s ridiculous creative talent? Yes, please.

So, take a look at this fun shoot, and then if you want, head over to her site and check out her latest fall line! I own “Cheeky,” “Nest,” and “Finn” and I love them all. Enjoy!

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