Anna and Blake | Portland Wedding Photography

Anna and Blake met playing kickball. When I met with them for the first time, they were about to head to a game, and were wearing their head-to-toe kickball gear.

I thought they seemed pretty legit.

But then I saw them a second time.

On the night of their wedding reception.

My jaw dropped.

Because Anna and Blake didn’t take the traditional wedding route. They casually got married in a park on a weekday with only a few friends and family present, but then had a glamorous wedding reception on Friday night at the Heathman in downtown Portland.

And when I say glamorous, what I really mean is an all-out Art Deco and 1920’s themed party.

I had to pinch myself to make sure I hadn’t just stepped out of a Tardis and traveled back through time. All of the guests dressed up, and the Heathman was a perfect setting.

All I can say is wow. Congratulations Anna and Blake. You guys are stunning.

When we were done taking portraits, they had a formal entrance into their reception, and the fun began!

Congrats Anna and Blake! I had a blast working with you!

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