The Lee Family | Portland Family Pictures

The Lee family is a bit quirky.

Nina and Jay are twins and their entire family has a very well developed sense of humor. I think you’ll be able to tell.

Oh- and special thanks to Nina for building/gathering all the props and coming up with these awesome ideas! This girl has mad talent.

Emily | Portland Senior Pictures

Emily is a senior at Beaverton! We shot these in the Pearl district a few weeks back on a gorgeous sunny evening!

Hutton and Sarah | Portland Senior Pictures

Hutton and Sarah decided to do their senior pictures together at Dawson Creek Park and Holcomb’s Trestle in Hillsboro!

Beth | Portland Senior Pictures

I took Beth’s senior pictures at Washington Park a few weeks ago!

Julia and Reuben | Montana Wedding Photography

She messaged me on Facebook out of the blue asking me if I would be interested in shooting a wedding in Montana. I had never met her before.

But of course I was interested.

A few weeks later once I had given her details and she had decided to book with me, she started talking to me over Facebook chat. She told me how excited she was to have me come to Montana, and she said something that stuck out to me.

“I’m sure we’ll be fast friends!” she told me.

I hadn’t even met her yet.

But I was already sold.

I knew that this girl and her wedding were going to be a perfect fit for me.

I photographed her engagement pictures in Portland last fall and got to see her quirky, happy, relaxed relationship with her handsome fiance Reuben.

A man she has been with for 7 years. Who loves her beautiful, silly, energetic self. Who balances her wonderfully.

Their wedding was so them.

The entire day took place at the Teller Wildlife Refuge in Corvallis, Montana (not to be confused with Corvallis, Oregon, folks!). They had a beautiful historic house to get ready in, a clear view of the Bitterroot mountains and a bright red barn for the afterparty.

And boy, was it an afterparty. I got swept of my feet by more than one Montana gentlemen trying to get me to dance a little country jig. Julia ran around at dusk playing volleyball in her wedding dress, not caring the slightest bit about grass stains. The open bar and 4 kegs of Montana Microbrews were very well received.

All in all, it was what a wedding was supposed to be.


And full of love.

Congratulations Julia and Reuben! Thank you so much for flying me all the way to Montana to document your day – I felt so blessed and lucky to have been there with you!

Catlin and Maddie | Corvallis Senior Pictures

Catlin and Maddie decided to get their senior pictures done together at Bald Hill in Corvallis! And they brought a horse. Just for fun.

For the record, horses are much more challenging to shoot than dogs/cats/bunnies. But also awesome. And super pretty.

Olivia | Portland Senior Pictures

Olivia is a senior at Beaverton, and we took these at the Rose Garden in Washington Park a few weeks ago!

Susan | Newport Senior Pictures

Susan is a senior at Newport high school! We took these pictures at the South Beach Jetty in Newport, and I actually really enjoyed the way they came out! The last like seven times I’ve been to the coast it has been really sunny and beautiful, so it was actually nice to get that moody, foggy look for once!

Misha | Beaverton Senior Pictures

This girl looks like Selma Hayek crossed with Kim Kardashian crossed with Freida Pinto. Just saying.

She’s a senior at Sunset. And we took these pictures at Jenkin’s Estate.