Slater and Laura | Portland Engagement Photography

My good friend Slater is engaged! I am so, so, so, so happy for him and his fiance Laura. It is a beautiful thing to watch your friends fall in love. I’ll never forget when Slater whispered in my ear while she was walking only a few feet behind us, “Katy, she’s the one.” I just died. It was so cute. Or when he called me with the big news. I think I screamed for like 5 minutes straight. I was so excited!

Shooting their engagement pictures was a blast. Often times this is when I am getting to know a couple, but since I already know Slater and Laura, it was just like hanging out with old friends (plus a camera). We shot these in their apartment, on/around the Hawthorne Bridge, in the Pearl, and at Forest Park.

Can’t wait for their wedding next year! I love you two!


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