Food Photography!

So my good friend Brian recently started a food blog, and I’ve been helping to eat photograph the stuff he’s been making! I never realized how fun it is to take pictures of food, but I am totallllllllllly addicted now! I’m hoping to be doing a lot of this over the summer because I’ll be moving in with my best friend Virginia who LOVES cooking, and one of my other cooking obsessed bffs Michelle (who has an amazing cooking blog herself here) is coming home from Boston for 6 months, so I plan on helping devour and document her food as well!

Here’s a few peeks of some yummy food photos for you; subscribe to Brian and Michelle’s blogs if you want to see more! Or you can always just follow me on Pinterest since I usually pin their recipes:

Peach Glazed Salmon:

Lemon Berry Pancakes and Broiled Grapefruit:

Pasta Salad:

Lemon-Lime Poppy Seed Muffins:
I’m super excited about this! I think all this attention to detail/light/setup is really going to help improve my photography in general! Oh and PS – all the recipes you see here are incredible. Try them. I dare you. You will fall in love.

The Ihde Family | Portland Family Portraits

The Ihdes are a quintessentially beautiful little American family. If I ever have children, I hope my kids are as cute as these little boys. Seriously.

Ryan Ihde is my amazzzzzzing accountant, and I love taking his family portraits every year! It’s so fun to see how the kids have grown in the last 12 months! This year we took the photos at Summerlake Park in Tigard, as well as a few next to the fountain/lake by the New Seasons on Barrows Road. Gorgeous locations! Gorgeous people!





Jenny and Joe | Portland Senior Portraits and Couples Photography

Jenny and I used to hang out all the time.

When we were like, 9.

That’s right. This gorgeous girl was a good friend of mine in elementary and middle school. We fell out of touch for years and years but she recently approached me about shooting senior pictures for her graduation from nursing school! She also wanted to get a few photos with her boyfriend Joe, so he came along for the ride. It was one of those beautiful spring days and we had a blast driving around near Hillsboro and catching up!

Mick and Lindy | Portland Engagement Photos

Mick and Lindy met through their church! They are an adorable couple who just seem so at ease around each other. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this October!

We shot these engagement pictures at Laurelhurst Park, at Tanner Springs in the Pearl, and on the Broadway bridge!

My Closet’s Your Closet | Corvallis Fashion and Couples Photography

The concept is simple really.

A stylish wardrobe that you and your significant other can share. Regardless of your gender.

It’s another brilliantly designed collection brought to you by Charlie Rose Hormann.


  • Photography: Katy Weaver
  • Hair/Makeup: done by the models and Charlie Rose Hormann
  • Clothing/Creative Director: Charlie Rose Hormann
  • Models: Meghan Vandewettering, Tasha Livingstone, Jamie Cheung, Van Wong, Teal Pershing, and Zeo Cui
  • Location: Bald Hill Nature Area, Corvallis, Oregon

Jacey, Paige, Mayra and Alisha | Newport Senior Pictures

I drove out to Newport, Oregon a few weeks ago to photograph these four gorgeous seniors in their hometown! We got lucky because it was a beautiful sunny day, even at the coast! We shot these along the bay, at the South Beach Jetty, and down near Nye Beach.

Slater and Laura | Portland Engagement Photography

My good friend Slater is engaged! I am so, so, so, so happy for him and his fiance Laura. It is a beautiful thing to watch your friends fall in love. I’ll never forget when Slater whispered in my ear while she was walking only a few feet behind us, “Katy, she’s the one.” I just died. It was so cute. Or when he called me with the big news. I think I screamed for like 5 minutes straight. I was so excited!

Shooting their engagement pictures was a blast. Often times this is when I am getting to know a couple, but since I already know Slater and Laura, it was just like hanging out with old friends (plus a camera). We shot these in their apartment, on/around the Hawthorne Bridge, in the Pearl, and at Forest Park.

Can’t wait for their wedding next year! I love you two!


A Birthday Party for Dolls | Corvallis Fashion Photography

This is possibly the strangest photoshoot I’ve ever done. But I’m going to share it with you because I think you might like it. Or at least be entertained haha.

Everything you see here is the brainchild of designer/model/extraordinaire Charlie Rose Hormann. She created these beautiful garments and and served as the creative director behind this shoot. She came to me with an idea of a “creepy lonely birthday party for life sized dolls.” So we made it happen.

Of course, we had a lot of help:

Designer/Creative Director: Charlie Rose Hormann

Models: Jamie Cheung, Emilie Boatner, and Christina Ngo

Makeup: Heidi Braun

Assistant: Kyle Holzkamp

Thank you everyone who was involved! Enjoy!

Heather and Colin Maternity | Portland Maternity Photos

Heather and Colin and I go wayy back. They were some of my first wedding clients when I started my business three years ago! I shot their engagement pictures then, followed by their wedding, and now a few years later I’m super excited to be shooting their maternity photos! It’s been so fun to watch them grow. Everytime we work together Heather is always all nervous: “Oh Katy we are SO awkward omg I’m so sorry!” and yet she just giggles and grabs Colin and then I get the most gorgeous natural photos. Awkward = adorable, apparently. These two make my heart smile. I can’t wait to meet baby Jackson and see how they are surviving parenthood!

Kristine and Nate | Hillsboro Engagement Pictures

These beautiful people met at Purdue! He studied computer science and she’s a mechanical engineer. Aka they are both brilliant. They’re both from the midwest and won’t be staying in Oregon very long (moving somewhere warmer!) but it was a pleasure to get to know them for a couple of hours and shoot their engagement pictures out in Hillsboro two weeks ago!