Jessica and Sam | Portland Couples Photography

Jessica and Sam like to pretend like they are hipsters. Because they kind of are. Sort of. In a mocking way. They don’t take themselves too seriously… but that’s part of the fun. Who wants to be serious?

So when Jessica suggested we do a funky shoot in the vintage stores and along SE Hawthorne, I was totally down.

We shot the first portion of these pictures in the House of Vintage – (I almost had a heart attack when I went inside. So. Much. Awesome. Stuff) – and yes, we DID get permission first and the store was totally chill about the whole thing. We just had fun. Then we went outside and played around in the sunshine. Because honestly, what else do you do when the sun peeks out in Oregon in the winter? You play. Simple.

Shoot. Wander. Shoot. Wander. Eat Cha Cha Cha. Wander some more. Continue shooting.

That’s my kind of day.


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