Danielle and Matt | Hillsboro, Oregon Wedding Photography

Danielle and Matt got married in Hillsboro last September! The ceremony was held at St. Matthew’s Parish, with the reception at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course, where the groom Matt works (I’ve never met anyone who loved golf so much). The pair both went to OSU – and Danielle is actually a veterinarian which is pretty cool if you ask me!

I feel terrible about not blogging this sooner! Enjoy!

Seeing her dad for the first time – awwww:

Their first look, with Danielle’s sister holding the dress!

They read each other letters and both teared up… it was hard to keep my eyes dry myself.

Onwards to the church! It was gorgeous inside.

Went back outside for a few more portraits at dusk. I got to chase the happy couple around the green in a golf cart – it was awesome.

And then the most epic wedding dance party I have ever seen began. It went on for 3+ hours. No joke.

Congratulations Danielle and Matt! Hope you are enjoying your new life together!

Spring Twins | Portland Fashion Photography

My younger sisters came home on Thursday for Spring Break, and they were welcomed with three days of beautiful (rare) Portland sunshine! We hadn’t done a photoshoot since the fall, so we decided to put together a little spring fashion shoot just for fun. The best part about this was I got to dress them in my two favorite colors – coral and aqua. So fun! Enjoy!

When we came back inside, we were all three talking to my mom in our guest room when I noticed the awesome southern light streaming through a translucent white curtain over the window. I grabbed my camera and reflector for a few more shots. I’m so glad I did! Can you believe these are 100% naturally lit?

N, C and J | Portland Boudoir Photography

I’m excited to announce that I am now offering classy, awesome boudoir sessions to my brides!

These are few fun shots from a shoot I did a few weeks back with three wonderful ladies. A HUGE thank you to Jackie Griffith and Danielle Gomez for doing the hair and makeup!

(These are probably NSFW, just a heads up! No explicit nudity, but they are pretty sexy…)

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Karmen and Clark | Amity, Oregon Wedding Photography

Karmen and Clark got married last September in Amity, Oregon on a hot windy day.

And I never got the chance to blog it. But I’ve been meaning to!

It was a gorgeous day. Sure the wind and sun were a bit intense, but it was intensely beautiful. The wedding was on the side of a hill overlooking the valley and the small town of Amity below. The yellow and white theme suited everything perfectly, and did I mention Karmen’s dress? Perfection. Absolute perfection. Classy AND sassy. Perfect for Karmen.

I actually photographed Karmen’s friend Heather’s wedding in 2010, so it was nice to see a lot of familiar faces in the wedding party! We also did not one but TWO engagement sessions because it started snowing heavily during our first one, so by the time I shot their wedding I felt like Karmen, Clark and I were old pals. You can see their engagement pictures here!

Hopefully these sunny photos will get you excited about the season to come! I cannot waittt for spring and summer to arrive!

Congrats Karmen and Clark! Thank you so much for inviting me to document your day! It was stunning.

Jessica and Sam | Portland Couples Photography

Jessica and Sam like to pretend like they are hipsters. Because they kind of are. Sort of. In a mocking way. They don’t take themselves too seriously… but that’s part of the fun. Who wants to be serious?

So when Jessica suggested we do a funky shoot in the vintage stores and along SE Hawthorne, I was totally down.

We shot the first portion of these pictures in the House of Vintage – (I almost had a heart attack when I went inside. So. Much. Awesome. Stuff) – and yes, we DID get permission first and the store was totally chill about the whole thing. We just had fun. Then we went outside and played around in the sunshine. Because honestly, what else do you do when the sun peeks out in Oregon in the winter? You play. Simple.

Shoot. Wander. Shoot. Wander. Eat Cha Cha Cha. Wander some more. Continue shooting.

That’s my kind of day.