Craig | Corvallis Musician Portraits

Craig is an old friend and colleague of mine who I’ve worked with so much it’s ridiculous. He’s worked for me. I’ve worked for him. We’ve collaborated. He dated my best friend once. And so on and so forth.

He’s a writer. A teacher. And a musician. An interesting guy.

His latest work is a solo project known as Another Musician. You can listen to it here:

For this shoot he wanted two different looks. One classy. One wet + rainy + angry. So that’s what we did. Something a little different.

The first half of this was shot in Squirrels Tavern in Corvallis. The second half in Craig’s yard.

Oh – and a special thanks to our friend Tat for helping out with a reflector and for soaking Craig with a hose in 40 degree weather for a solid half-hour outside at dusk. Poor Craig almost got hypothermia… but it was so much fun!

And here is where we take a dramatic turn…

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