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Gaby is one of my boyfriend Wil Crowe’s coworkers. She’s Puerto Rican and has a beautiful, dark, exotic look and personality that has always made me reallllly want to photograph her. We went on a double date a few weeks ago (our boyfriends are old high school pals) which unfortunately ended with the boys playing Madden while we sat around doing nothing. That is, until I realized it was the perfect opportunity to do a midnight test shoot with a gorgeous girl and a tilt shift lens that I borrowed from my good friend Pete Stone. The pictures have some scary undertones, but if you know Gaby at all, it kind of suits her. Afterwards, I asked her if she might be interested in doing a shoot during the daytime when we had more light to work with, and she responded with: “I don’t really like the daytime.” Hahaha. Well then. In that case, I think she’ll really like these, eerie as they might be.

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