Grace | Hillsboro Senior Pictures

Grace is a senior at Newport High School! She drove all the way up to Portland on Monday to shoot her senior pictures with me, and we had a blast! We went to the Holcomb Railroad Trestle which is out in the Rock Creek/Hillsboro area. The winter sunlight was just gorgeous and we had a great time. Thanks for working with me Grace!


Alyson and Max | Corvallis Wedding Photography

Alyson and Max are quirky.

Not in a weird way, of course. In a loveable and awesome way.

He has a degree in math. She works with the state legislature. They both graduated from the University Honors College at OSU. In fact, one of their favorite professors in the honors college married them. And Alyson surprised Max with a cake that had math all over it. It made my nerdy insides feel all warm and fuzzy.

But don’t let the math cake fool you; their wedding was a force to be reckoned with.

Their guest list was huge, and they didn’t mess around. Their August 13th wedding took place at a beautiful venue – Garden in the Woods – tucked right off highway 34 as you drive towards Corvallis. Magenta catered the event, as well as hosted their epic after-party (why stop at 11pm when you can go all night?).

Seriously, this was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever seen. Max and Alyson, you two know how to throw a party!

Max started the day getting ready in the appropriately named “man cave” with his groomsmen and their flasks.

While Alyson got ready with her mom and bridesmaids in a little room on the other side of the property.

Once the dress was on, Max and Alyson opted to do a “first look” so that we could most of the portraits before the ceremony!

Once they had seen each other, we wandered around the property taking pictures for awhile. I loved this little tea house!

And then the rest of the wedding party joined in the photo-taking fun.

Before long, guests started to arrive and Alyson had to hide before the ceremony began. She kept peeking out her room though!

But pretty soon she was walking down the aisle with her father. The wedding ceremony was short and sweet!

The ceremony was followed by literally the longest receiving line I’ve ever seen. Close to 300 people.

And then came more family photos, dinner, and toasts!

“Look! Our rings!” Hahaha.

After toasts, they cut the cake! And started dancing, of course.

Then, for the first time all day, I noticed that the sun was coming out through the clouds as it set. I just had to steal Alyson and Max away for some more portraits in the field behind the property.

When we got back to the reception, the real party had begun!

When the party ended at 11pm (darn sound permits!) Alyson and Max jumped in the backseat of their very well decorated car, and head to downtown Corvallis to continue the fun!

Congratulations Alyson and Max! I had an amazing time working with you! You did a great job planning your wedding and I could tell that everyone who attended had a total blast – myself included! Thanks for everything!

Identical | Portland Fashion Photography

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’ve had an awesome weekend spent with family and friends from near and far. I was able to get ALL the way caught up on client work by Wednesday, which means I’ve had a wonderful stress-free weekend! It also meant that I was able to do a fun test shoot with my twin sisters while they were in town! They both turn 20 years old in a week so the photoshoot was part of their birthday present. We went with a simple black and white theme and drove around to some new locations out toward Hillsboro.

Emmett | Lake Oswego Portait Photography

Emmett is an awesome 12-year old who lives in Lake Oswego! His mom Darcy contacted me to shoot some photos of him for her Christmas cards (his sisters had their senior pictures taken but she needed some updated shots of him too). I met them at their gorgeous home right before sunset and took some photos in their beautiful backyard. Emmett was totally photogenic and I had a great time working with him!


Clara | Portland Senior Pictures

Clara is a senior at Sunset High School! We did this shoot two weeks ago at Dawson Creek Park in Hillsboro on election day. We dodged a few raindrops here and there but for the most part it was a gorgeous afternoon!

Vashnav | Portland Senior Pictures

Vashnav is a senior at Westview! We did this photoshoot several weeks ago at Cathedral Park in Northeast Portland. It was one of the most beautiful fall days of the year!


Jackie Hooper | Portland Headshots

“Whether the person has passed away, contact was lost, or the strength needed at the time was lacking, this is a chance to say what you have always wanted them to know.”

These are words describing the book that Jackie Hooper has been working on, The Things You Would Have Said. It’s a beautiful, fascinating concept and I can’t wait to get a copy when it comes out in a few months! When Jackie asked me to shoot some headshots for her, I was totally excited (we actually went to the same high school – she just graduated a few years ahead of me). We decided to take some warm and friendly looking photos at Lovejoy Bakers in the Pearl, and then wandered around in the crisp fall morning shooting outdoors as well. I had a great time and Jackie was super photogenic!



Kendall and Mackenzie | Corvallis Senior Pictures

Kendall and MacKenzie are best friends who both go to Newport High School! We met up in Corvallis two weeks ago to shoot their senior pictures downtown and near an abandoned building off of Brookline. We shot early in the morning, so it was still foggy when we got started, which made for some interesting light when we were downtown. Then, when we got to the abandoned building we saw some awesome wildlife: a fox and some deer! Yes, deer are cool and all, but a fox?! I love foxes. Seriously one of the cutest animals ever. If you have some time, look up “foxes on trampoline” on youtube sometime… you will not regret this, haha.

Anyway though – I had a ton of fun shooting with these two girls! They had a lot of creative ideas and I was really flattered that they drove out from Newport to work with me!