Casey and Josh, Bend, Oregon, August 2010

I don’t usually post blog entries that aren’t about a specific photoshoot, but today I feel compelled to do so.

Jonas Peterson, a Australian/International wedding photographer who I might admire more than anyone else in the business (if I can afford it/convince him, he is totally shooting my wedding someday) – posted a beautiful manifesto on his blog this morning about weddings. I’m not going to lie: it’s controversial. But it gets to the heart of a problem that I know has been growing exponentially with the rise of wedding sites, blogs, pinterest, magazines, and the ease of sharing wedding photos online.

What is it, you ask?

Jonas says weddings are getting lost in the details. What is supposed to be about two people falling in love is turning into an obsession with THINGS.

It’s so true. I can feel it myself when I am reading online, looking at cute little vintage typewriters and flags and skipping over the part about what makes these two people unique.

What Jonas suggests is: if you have the details, make sure the details are there for a reason, and that they resonate with you. I love this. Don’t buy cute little flags and chandeliers and trinkets if they mean nothing to you personally (and only serve to get your wedding shown on Style Me Pretty). Buy them because they are telling a story about you and the person you love more than anyone in the world.

Please check out Jonas Petersen’s full manifesto and let me know what you think. Do we need a little reality check as an industry? We might. I might. I want to tell honest, beautiful love stories. Not just show you another photo of cute little succulents.

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