Julia and Reuben | Portland Engagement Photography

It started with a line. A simple little line.

And it got crossed.

But it wasn’t a bad thing. Nope. Usually when a person crosses a line, someone ends up in deep trouble. Bad things happen. Etc, etc.

Not Julia and Reuben.

He was a friend of a friend who accidentally had a little too much to drink one night and had to crash at Julia’s apartment. She set some boundaries. A line, so to speak. And then she tried to go to sleep.

Without prevail.

Liquid courage got the best of Reuben that night, and it was a good thing. The two have been inseperable ever since. Fast forward six years and they are engaged, excited to finally tie the knot in Corvallis, Montana next summer. I cannot wait to be there to photograph the epic event!

Because they have been living in Oregon for a long time, we decided that it would be fitting to shoot their engagement pictures in downtown Portland along the waterfront before they both moved back to Montana. The weather was a little bit stormy the night of our shoot, but luckily the rain held off until we had finished our last few shots down by the river. Thank god too, because we wouldn’t have been able to reschedule – Reuben is already back in Montana and Julia will be joining him there in a few weeks!

Congrats you two! Can’t wait for next August!

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