Annie | Portland Senior Pictures

Annie is a senior at the International School of Beaverton! She is actually dating my best friend’s brother Robin, so I had met her once before when we all went to go see a Harry Potter movie about a year ago. We did the shoot at Cathedral Park, always one of my favorite locations!


Phillicia and Sean | Portland Couples Photography

Phillicia and Sean met in Spanish class in high school! They’ve been dating for awhile now, so they decided to get some fun couples portraits done with me in the Pearl a few weeks ago. It was probably one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever seen in Portland – beautiful clear skies, warm air, and fall colors! Unfortunately however, this meant there were about 20 other photographers at Tanner Springs Park when we got there. Instead of fighting for space, I took this as an opportunity to think outside the box, and we did a little bit of exploring! I was really happy with the result – we ended up on the Broadway Bridge by the end of the shoot and the lighting up there was just incredible!

I’d love to work with these two again sometime! They are such a photogenic couple!

Shellyne | Portland Senior Pictures

Shellyne is a gorgeous senior at Westview high school! She decided to go with my advanced senior package, so we shot in three locations: the Hoyt Arboretum, downtown near NW 18th and Marshall, and finally at Cathedral Park in north Portland. It was actually a beautiful morning, and we got really lucky with some nice soft lighting and even a little bit of sunshine here and there!

Shawn | Portland Senior Pictures

Shawn is a senior at Westview High School! We had a great time shooting down in the Pearl a couple of weeks ago. “I don’t like smiling,” he told me flat out, from the beginning. In my head, I was like “Uh oh…” but quickly realized this wasn’t a problem at all. Shawn’s lack of smiling didn’t hinder his ability to beĀ  photogenic at all. If anything, it just made him look sort of like a model in all his photos. Or just really cool. Either way, I was happy. I hope he’s happy with them too!


Casey and Josh, Bend, Oregon, August 2010

I don’t usually post blog entries that aren’t about a specific photoshoot, but today I feel compelled to do so.

Jonas Peterson, a Australian/International wedding photographer who I might admire more than anyone else in the business (if I can afford it/convince him, he is totally shooting my wedding someday) – posted a beautiful manifesto on his blog this morning about weddings. I’m not going to lie: it’s controversial. But it gets to the heart of a problem that I know has been growing exponentially with the rise of wedding sites, blogs, pinterest, magazines, and the ease of sharing wedding photos online.

What is it, you ask?

Jonas says weddings are getting lost in the details. What is supposed to be about two people falling in love is turning into an obsession with THINGS.

It’s so true. I can feel it myself when I am reading online, looking at cute little vintage typewriters and flags and skipping over the part about what makes these two people unique.

What Jonas suggests is: if you have the details, make sure the details are there for a reason, and that they resonate with you. I love this. Don’t buy cute little flags and chandeliers and trinkets if they mean nothing to you personally (and only serve to get your wedding shown on Style Me Pretty). Buy them because they are telling a story about you and the person you love more than anyone in the world.

Please check out Jonas Petersen’s full manifesto and let me know what you think. Do we need a little reality check as an industry? We might. I might. I want to tell honest, beautiful love stories. Not just show you another photo of cute little succulents.

Andy | Portland Senior Pictures

Andy is a senior at Tigard High School! We shot these photos at Laurelhurst park in southeast Portland, and we experienced some of the most bi-polar Oregon weather I’ve ever dealt with during a photoshoot. As I was driving to the park, it was beautifully sunny. Fifteen minutes after I arrived, it was completely overcast, and started pouring rain. After another 20 minutes, it was still raining, but bright and sunny at the same time. After fighting with the weather the whole time, I finally decided to just work with it, and got some shots of Andy standing backlit in the rain – which ended up being my favorites from the shoot. Sometimes you just gotta go with it!


Barbie and Joel | Monmouth Engagement Photos

He coaches football. She teaches dance.

Barbie and Joel are an adorable couple who met at Western Oregon University in Monmouth. He asked her to marry him underneath the gigantic Christmas tree on campus last year. She said yes.

They are getting married almost exactly a year later – on 12/18/11 – and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding!

For their engagement photos, we met in Monmouth to take photos at Western where they met and got engaged. Unfortunately for us, it was misting on the only morning that we both had available, so we had to work around it. But Barbie and Joel were terrific sports and just seemed happy to be hanging out with each other, ignoring the wet, gray skies and having a playful time together.

When we were done shooting on campus we even stopped by Joel’s neighborhood to take a few pictures of Barbie riding a bike. Why, you ask? Because Joel taught her. Somehow she never learned as a kid, so he stepped in, haha. Let’s just say she is still a little shaky riding… but it was hilarious capturing them laughing together as she attempted it anyway.

Corbett | Portland Senior Pictures

Corbett is a senior at Beaverton High School! We had a great time shooting two weeks ago on a gorgeous fall day in Portland. We started at Council Crest park and then went down to the esplanade on the east side of the Willamette river downtown, shooting along the river and then in some of the industrial areas nearby. It was one of those days where they light was literally perfect, so I had a blast! Corbett is a super nice guy too, so it was fun to work with him!

Hanna | Portland Senior Pictures

Hanna is a senior at Beaverton High School! She was interested in doing a shoot at dusk to get some pretty city lights, so we shot on the Hawthorne Bridge and started a little later than usual. Unfortunately the weather was having none of this and decided to start misting typical Oregon rain about 10 minutes after we started. Hanna was a trooper though and went along with it – and it eventually stopped! I actually like the wind-blown natural sort of look we ended up with. The photos have a raw, wild, beautiful feel to them – very Oregon haha!