Reed | Portland Senior Pictures

Reed is a stunning senior at Liberty High School! I met her through her older sister, Kenna, who I photographed years ago for a fun photoshoot I did in Corvallis with some Chi Omega girls. Reed is really into photography herself, so she was a natural around the camera. And yes, this was yet another senior shoot that felt more like a fashion shoot because she was just so darn pretty. I was perfectly okay with that! We shot these off of NW 18th and Marshall downtown, and then at Tanner Springs Park a few blocks away in the Pearl.

One thought on “Reed | Portland Senior Pictures

  1. I’ve seen you’re starting to do some of those sort-of-awkward, non-conventional photos (e.g. the one in front of the blue window) that you say you want to do when we look at pictures together, but that you hadn’t done for some reason. And you should do a full on fashion shoot with this girl; stunning.

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