Lynnae and Daniel | Corvallis Engagement Photography

It seems that OSU’s CONNECT week does more than just introduce students to college life.

Apparently it introduces them to to their future husbands and wives as well!

Yes, as cheesy as it might sound, Daniel and Lynnae actually connected during CONNECT.

In fact, they may or may not have met drunkenly at one of their first college parties… And they may or may not have had difficulity remembering each others names when they bumped into each other again the next day! But that didn’t stop them from reintroducing themselves and beginning what would turn into a beautiful relationship.

Call it fun, call it a small town, or even call it fate, but the two were made for each other. After being together through all their years at OSU, Lynnae and Daniel got engaged this summer, and can’t wait to tie the knot next August!

Because it’s where they met, and it’s where their relationship grew, we decided to shoot their engagement pictures at OSU’s gorgeous campus. Congrats you two! I had so much fun working with you!

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