Whitney and Micah | Portland Couples Photography

“So, how did you two meet?” I asked, hoping for some sort of romantic reply.

“I stalked her on facebook.”

…Wait, what?

Yes. Sort of. After cracking up, Whitney corrected him – actually they met in class.

Micah said that he saw her from across the room, and then when the sign-in sheet went around, he counted backward until he figured out her name. Then he looked her up on Facebook.

After the Facebook exchange, Micah took it a little further and made sure that he would park his handsome motorcycle in places where he saw Whitney walking each day, so that they would just “happen” to run into each other. The man was persistent!

“It could have been really creepy, but I ended up liking him, so it didn’t matter,” Whitney told me, smiling.

After finally getting to know each other, they knew it was right.  The pair has now been happily married for almost a month!

The funny thing about this couple is that I have actually photographed them two other times before without really realizing it. They have been guests at two different weddings I’ve photographed, and Micah is actually the brother of Alli – whose wedding I shot on January 1st in Salem. Alli wanted to book me as their wedding photographer for their wedding gift, but I was already reserved on their date, so we opted to do a post-bridal session instead!

We shot these pictures at my favorite train trestle near NW Dick and Phillips roads in Rock Creek. We wandered around the area for a bit and then ended the photoshoot with a delightful little picnic with champagne under the trestle, sitting on a special quilt that was made for the couple by Whitney’s grandmother. So much love!


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