Lindsay | Portland Senior Portraits

Before I was a photographer, or a journalist, or a college student, I was a babysitter.

That’s right. Just like a ton of other teenage girls my age, I worked as a nanny, watching small children while their parents took a rare night off to enjoy themselves.

One of the many families I worked for had two beautiful kids – Lindsay and Bryce. They were by far some of the most delightful children I ever had the pleasure of babysitting. They were fun to hang out with. They were polite. They liked to draw. They were funny. They went to bed on time.

Unfortunately, they grew older,  stopped needing me, and so I lost touch with the family.

…Until I got an email about a month ago that is. Shockingly enough, that 7 or 8 year old girl I used to play with was now a senior in high school!

I felt so old.

Regardless of my reality check about my “ancient” 22 years of age, it was so fabulous to catch up with the young woman who I knew so long ago as a little girl. Lindsay, you are beautiful, and I can’t wait to see where the world takes you!

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