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Once upon a time, I went to high school a pair of siblings named Charley and Maggie. They were both much older than I – seniors when I was a freshman – so they didn’t know me, but I knew of them. They sang in the most elite choral group (The Madrigals) and they were friends with everyone. I always secretly looked up to them for living such impossibly awesome lives. If only I could be that cool!

Fast forward about 8 years, and here I am, good friends with both of them!

Not sure how this happened, but somewhere along the lines I got to know Charley while going to OSU, and then got to know his sister Maggie when she helped style a photoshoot with a mutual friend, Anna, last summer.

This summer, having already worked together once, I was beyond psyched to help shoot Maggie’s brand new clothing line that she has been working on for a while at Fordham University. Anna Reilly modeled for us again, and Maggie’s friend Jamie Steinfeld helped create the awesome hair and makeup looks that Maggie was going for.

I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

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