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Several years ago, I drove to Seattle to do a photoshoot for a complete stranger. The shoot was early in the morning, so this stranger offered to let me stay the night as his apartment the night before so I wouldn’t have to make the drive in the morning. I brought my boyfriend along with me just in case this “stranger” turned out to be a wee bit creepy. We were both a little aprehensive about the whole trip in general.

Until we met Vivek.

He welcomed us into his home, took us out for pizza, and then shared wine, cheese and wonderful conversation with us until it was much too late. We were stunned by his hospitality and kindness, and we vowed to stay in touch.

A year later, I made another trip to Seattle, and Vivek met me for lunch. We spent the afternoon exploring Seattle a bit and he took me on a tour of Microsoft, where he works. I had an amazing time- but little did I know that there was much more brewing than he let on to.

Several weeks later, I got a text. “Katy! I’m engaged!” I was shocked and amazed, and SO happy for him! Vivek got married to Gayatri in December of 2010 in India (and of course, I was in Florida so I couldn’t make it) and until this photoshoot, I had yet to meet his beautiful bride.

Both of their families tried to set Vivek and Gayatri up for awhile, but they were stubbornly against any form of arranged marriage. Finally they agreed to start emailing each other, and when the did, they realized that they had a lot in common. When Vivek finally got to meet Gayatri, he told me that he knew right away she was the one, and he didn’t waste any time asking her to marry him.

They had a more traditional photographer at their wedding in December, so they asked me to take some more modern, natural portraits of them in Portland during their visit here this July. I was so happy to catch up with them again and learn more about their story. I’m so glad that they have found each other, and I am so happy that they are in my life!

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  1. Katy, some of these are magical. You made it look like it was only the two of them in what should otherwise be a busy city. It’s like you bought out a city block for a photoshoot.

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