Alex and Casey | Newport, Oregon Wedding Photography

Alex and Casey were married on July 16, 2011 at the Stone Crest Cellars Bed and Breakfast in Newport, Oregon. I could tell you about how they met (through mutual friends/family/roommates and a little rat infestation problem), or I could tell you about how in love with each other they are, (a whole lot), or I could start talking about all the beautiful, thoughtful little details that they built into their day to create perfection. But I don’t really need to go into all of that, because the photos will say everything. This was one of the most raw, intensely beautiful and emotional weddings I have seen to date. Words do not do it justice. So here, take a look.

I started the day photographing Casey getting ready with the fathers and groomsmen.

For a gift, Casey gave each of his groomsmen a beautiful pocketwatch.

When they were finished getting ready, we headed outside to a shady area to take pictures, since it was getting a little warm at this point.

Yes, this is Casey’s real personality.

After a few of those formal shots, I headed inside to photograph Alex getting ready. We never had a chance to meet up beforehand, so I met her for the first time while she was in her underwear, haha.

Alex’s dress was astonishingly beautiful – and I loved that we found this room in the bed and breakfast that was painted the exact same color blue as Alex’s wedding colors.

Once the girls were ready, we went back outside to take a few more formal shots.

Alex you are completely stunning.

Once we finished those pictures, it was just about time for the ceremony to begin. Although you can’t see them in these shots, there was actually a pod of whales spouting out in the ocean right during the ceremony. It was incredible! Such a treat.

Like I said, so, so much raw emotion.

Once the ceremony was over there was a lot of hugging, followed by more group pictures! Haha.

And then came time for my favorite part of the day – photographing Alex and Casey alone together. I had a blast. These two could not keep their hands off each other. I don’t think I ever had to ask them to kiss or be affectionate – they were wayyyy ahead of me on that one.

We actually got in their car at this point and headed over to the beach a few miles away!

It was beautifully bright and warm outside, but with the classic Oregon clouds.

After having a total blast (and getting pretty sandy) we headed back to the venue to have dinner! It was delicious.

The toasts were just as heartfelt as the rest of the day.

Wiping her tears… cutest. thing. EVER.

After toasts, they did a little sand ceremony.

Followed by their cake-cutting!

A few fun candids when they sat back down –

After a while, I couldn’t find the pair anywhere, until I realized they had slipped away for a bit…

I gave them some time alone, then got a few more shots of them before it got dark!

When they were done being adorable, we went inside for them to have their first dance… and be even more adorable.

In the middle of the dancing they stopped to sign their marriage license.

Then it was time for the bouquet and garter toss!

And back to dancing, of course!

Had to make a few playlist adjustments…

Time for goodbyes!

Congratulations Alex and Casey! It was a pleasure getting to know you and documenting your wedding day! I know you are going to have a long, happy marriage – you two have so much love in your hearts!

Anna | Portland Senior Portraits

I’ve known Anna since she was reallllllly little – maybe 5 years old? Our families have been friends for so long I can hardly keep track. Her sister Elise has been best friends with my younger sisters since elementary school, so I’ve known the family since then. I used to babysit Anna every now and then when she was little, and then when I got older I actually dated her brother for about a year haha. Needless to say, her family will always be near and dear to my heart, so it was fun to finally shoot her senior pictures!

We trekked over to Cathedral Park on one particularly traffic-filled afternoon and shot these pictures in the beautiful golden light along the Willamette River. Have fun during your last year of high school Anna!

Stacy | Portland Senior Pictures and Family Portraits

Sometimes I forget that I’m taking senior pictures and my brain suddenly thinks I’m doing a fashion shoot because the person I am working with looks so completely gorgeous.

Stacy was one of these people.

She is close to 6 feet tall while wearing heels, has flawless skin and a brilliant smile. She’s going to be a senior at Beaverton High School this fall. In addition to being stunning, she’s also a genuinely really nice person.

Stacy ordered my advanced senior package that includes shooting at 3 locations, 35 edited shots, and the option to get family pictures at the same time. We started off in the industrial area near NW Lovejoy, headed down to Ankeny Plaza, and then finished up on the east waterfront near OMSI.

Lindsay | Portland Senior Portraits

Before I was a photographer, or a journalist, or a college student, I was a babysitter.

That’s right. Just like a ton of other teenage girls my age, I worked as a nanny, watching small children while their parents took a rare night off to enjoy themselves.

One of the many families I worked for had two beautiful kids – Lindsay and Bryce. They were by far some of the most delightful children I ever had the pleasure of babysitting. They were fun to hang out with. They were polite. They liked to draw. They were funny. They went to bed on time.

Unfortunately, they grew older,  stopped needing me, and so I lost touch with the family.

…Until I got an email about a month ago that is. Shockingly enough, that 7 or 8 year old girl I used to play with was now a senior in high school!

I felt so old.

Regardless of my reality check about my “ancient” 22 years of age, it was so fabulous to catch up with the young woman who I knew so long ago as a little girl. Lindsay, you are beautiful, and I can’t wait to see where the world takes you!

Ramie and Joe | Boise Wedding Photography

It all started with a trucker hat.

When Ramie was a sophomore in high school, she went to see The Ataris in concert with a few friends. She was going through what her sister calls “her wannabe punk rock stage” and she was dressed to fit the part – trucker hat and all.

Thank god she was, because her best friend had the same idea. The EXACT same idea, to be precise. Somehow they had managed to dress in perfectly identical outfits and they looked like twins, right down to their matching trucker hats.

While walking around the concert, Joe noticed the pair of identical outfits and just had to say something to them. They spent a few minutes talking to each other, but as rock concerts tend to go, they got separated and lost in the crowd.

As the night wore on,  Ramie’s friend rocked a little too hard, and somehow lost a shoe.

I’m sure you can guess who happened to find it. Just like a modern day Cinderella, Joe found the shoe and found its owner, giving him a chance to see Ramie one more time.

A few weeks later, trucker-hat-free Ramie ran into Joe in the halls of her high school. She was too nervous to talk to him (he was way too cute) and so she asked her friends to spy on him while she passed him swiftly in the halls.

Eventually, after a lot of awkwardness, Ramie and Joe finally worked up the nerve to hang out with each other. Ramie invited Joe to a hockey game. Joe was excited to have found a girl that liked watching hockey, but failed to realize that Ramie’s invitation was actually to watch HER play hockey. Joe just thought she stood him up. Whoops.

Finally, after the hockey incident resolved itself, Ramie and Joe went on their first “real” date to… yet another rock concert! And well, the rest is history. They’ve been together for over 7 years, through thick and thin, over thousands of miles while Ramie was at OSU and Joe was still in Idaho, never faltering in their love for one another, growing out of their punk rock stages and into adulthood.

Ramie and Joe were married on June 24, 2011 in Boise, Idaho at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. I got to Boise at 9am and then flew back to Portland at 7pm, so I was only in the city for about 10 hours, but it was 10 hours of pure awesome, I can certainly say that. Ramie and her friends actually picked me up from the airport themselves, and then we all went out for breakfast before doing anything else. It was a great way to start a great day.

And yes, Ramie wore a Vera Wang gown. I almost started drooling.

Ramie’s gorgeous shoes were from Baker’s.

After we all had breakfast, we head over to Visual Effects for hair. The ladies there were so nice, they were even able to squeeze in Ramie’s sister Fairlee for a last minute hair appointment!

Ramie has the most beautiful smile – even without makeup she lit up the room.

When she was done getting her hair ready, Ramie and her best friend Priya drove over to the Mac at the mall in Boise to get their makeup done.

Once Ramie was all made up, we had some fun driving back over to her parent’s house in Eagle, and then heading over to the venue. We got there just in time! Everyone was so excited to see Ramie in her dress.

Ramie’s two sisters, mom and brother were all in the room together being adorable. They have such a beautiful, close family.

Before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony in the gardens to begin. Everything looked so bright and beautiful under the Idaho sunshine.

Joe saw Ramie for the first time walking down the aisle. You could instantly see how happy he was.

I caught the two sneaking glances at each other during the ceremony – so adorable.

Kiss the bride!

After the ceremony there were a lot of hugs, kisses and happy tears.

I quickly took the majority of the family pictures at this time – here’s a few:

Joe has a HUGE family, haha.

When we were done with that, I had the pleasure of photographing the bride and groom alone for the first time. Oh my gosh, it was incredible. These two look like they are destined for greatness (and Vogue).

I also took a few photos of the wedding party in the shade. Did I mention that the Botanical Garden was incredible?? It was.

After a while, everyone started getting pretty hot and hungry, so we headed to the 36th Street Garden Center and Bistro for their reception. It was a beautiful place: part bistro, part plant nursery. I was smitten.

I loved the details of the vintage lemonade straws and everything else!

After everyone ate, Ramie and Joe’s families gave the most speeches I have ever seen at a wedding, but each family member had everyone laughing and crying at the same time with the amount of emotion they were sharing.

And the couple received a table full of goofy, sentimental gifts!

When the speeches were done, I grabbed a few more family portraits while the light was beautiful.

I have to say, Ramie’s parents were so incredibly amazing to me. I was so sad that I had to leave early to catch a plane – I wanted to stick around and learn more about these fabulous people!

Got a few shots of just Ramie – such a stunner.

And of course, a few parting shots of the couple together in the evening light before I had to go.

Ramie and Joe, I will never forget the day I spent in Boise with you! You are both so kind, so beautiful, so smart, and most of all, so perfect for each other. I know that you are going to have a long and happy life together, and I am so pleased that I was there to document the beginning of it. Congratulations!

Spencer, Lisa and Harper | Los Altos Family Portraits

I’ve spent the past two days visiting my mom’s side of my family in the Bay Area (I was actually born and raised in San Jose) and enjoying the sunny Los Altos weather. It was really hard to take 5 days “off” in the middle of August, but now that I’m here, I realize it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time! My grandparents – aged 90 and 94 – just moved to Palo Alto and I haven’t seen them in a year and a half, so it has been great to visit them and catch up a bit. My grandfather was the one to get me started in photography to begin with, so it’s always fun to talk with him about lenses, cameras, photoshop – you name it.

On top of this fact, I’ve also used the time to catch up on editing the 500 gigs + of photos that I’m currently behind on. I was amazed how much I was able to get done in a new setting!

Yesterday, waking up bright and early at 7:30am, my cousin came over with his new baby daughter, Harper, and left her at my aunt and uncle’s house for the day. She’s about 14 months old, and I had never met her before! She sat with me and watched me photoshop while listening to The Decemberists for a bit and it was just the cutest thing ever. I love babies.

Anyway, once my cousin and his wife returned after work to have dinner with us in the evening, I pulled them outside for a few minutes to do a quick family portrait shoot. Smiley Harper was getting a bit cranky by 5:30pm, so we didn’t have much more than 15 minutes, but we did the best we could! They are such a beautiful little family, so it wasn’t too difficult to take some nice shots!

Emma | Portland Senior Portraits

Emma is another gorgeous senior at Beaverton High School who is also a cheerleader. We met up a few weeks ago but ran into some trouble starting our shoot! We had originally planned to shoot at the beautiful Rose Garden and then Hoyt Arboretum, but there was a huge event going on! The entire area surrounding the Rose Garden and Washington Park was a total madhouse, so we decided to head up to Hoyt first and then had to think up a second location on the fly. Emma and her family were totally okay with this and I was so happy that we were able to be flexible. Our second location ended up being this tiny road off of NW Miller, where we shot in a field as the sun was setting, and three deer ending up coming right up to us to see what we were doing! It was totally magical. Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect it!

Marissa | Portland Senior Portraits

Marissa will be a senior at Beaverton High School this fall! She’s got a sunny personality and I had a great time working with her – she was so smiley! It probably has something to do with being a cheerleader, haha.

We shot these portraits at Lewis and Clark college near the Frank Manor house, and then headed down to OMSI to finish up on the Portland’s east waterfront and industrial area. The light was to die for, and Marissa was a ton of fun!

Peter, Katy and Pets | Corvallis Family Portrait Photography

Peter and Katy jokingly asked me to take a few pictures of their “family” – their two kittens, basset hound, and the two of them – a few weeks ago. I figured it might be fun, so I said yes! We shot these photos right in front of their little duplex on a gorgeous sunny evening in Corvallis. I could hardly handle how adorable their pets were!

Maggie McGowan’s Fusion Collection | Portland Fashion Photography

Once upon a time, I went to high school a pair of siblings named Charley and Maggie. They were both much older than I – seniors when I was a freshman – so they didn’t know me, but I knew of them. They sang in the most elite choral group (The Madrigals) and they were friends with everyone. I always secretly looked up to them for living such impossibly awesome lives. If only I could be that cool!

Fast forward about 8 years, and here I am, good friends with both of them!

Not sure how this happened, but somewhere along the lines I got to know Charley while going to OSU, and then got to know his sister Maggie when she helped style a photoshoot with a mutual friend, Anna, last summer.

This summer, having already worked together once, I was beyond psyched to help shoot Maggie’s brand new clothing line that she has been working on for a while at Fordham University. Anna Reilly modeled for us again, and Maggie’s friend Jamie Steinfeld helped create the awesome hair and makeup looks that Maggie was going for.

I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed shooting them!